Karl photo

Karl McDonald

Karl is a very experienced Physiotherapist who founded Sportsmed Southern Physiotherapy in 2004 and is now one of three directors.

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Andrew photo

Andrew Mackintosh

Andrew is a co- director of Sportsmed SOUTHERN PHYSIO

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Hayden photo

Hayden Sproat

Hayden was born and raised in Invercargill and has been working as a physiotherapist in private practice since he graduated in 2009. After several years working at Sportsmed Southern Physiotherapy he travelled to the UK for his OE, where he worked as a physiotherapist in a private practice in the centre of London.

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Kathryn photo

Kathryn Lange

Kathryn is a born and raised Southlander who graduated in 2002 from Otago University’s physio school.  She’s worked in Invercargill on and off since 2004 (she leaves but always comes back) and loves the Southland weather.  In Winter she heads up to the ski fields and in Summer she competes in rifle shooting.

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Therese photo

Therese Gray

Therese originally qualified as a physiotherapist in 1996. Following a few years of working as a physiotherapist in Invercargill and Australia, she took leave from the profession to focus on raising her young family. In 2015 Therese decided it was time to re-enter the field, therefore completed the necessary retraining, and has been working at Sportsmed Southern Physiotherapy since the beginning of 2016 in a part time capacity.

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Rachel photo

Rachel Duncan

Rachel is a very experienced physiotherapist who works part time in our Bluff clinic.

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Sandra photo

Sandra Cribb

Sandra joined Sportsmed SOUTHERN PHYSIO as maternity leave cover for Renee in 2014. She has fitted in really well and has quickly become a very valued member of the team.

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michael peterson

Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson is a southern breed physiotherapist. He attended James Hargest College and then went to the University of Otago where he earned got his physiotherapy degree with distinction in 2016.  

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Zoe Mortemore

Zoe was UK trained where she worked for 6 years largely in Private Practise before coming to New Zealand to work in Queenstown in 2017. She joined the team at Sportsmed Southern Physiotherapy in June 2018.

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